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Golden Pride Fleet
Star Fleet Command Dynaverse Fleet






Golden Pride has a new logo for use in forums and signatures. Click the logo below for instructions on how to use it.   Also be sure to check out the links page, the Feral shipyards have been added, best Lyran models on the web!

The Lyran Star Empire's Golden Pride is a StarFleet Command Dynaverse Fleet. We are currently using SFC:EAW & SFC:OP. The Golden Pride was started to bring Lyrans from across the universe together. It doesn't matter which dynaverse server you frequent. All Lyrans looking for a home are welcome.  

The fleet is still in an organizational state. If you would like to join the fleet, register at StarFleet Comms and download ICQ. Then, send your StarFleet Comms name and ICQ number via email to Kzinbane or 7thKnight

There are no participation requirements. We only ask that you have ICQ to help with organizing fleet activities, chats, etc.




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